Spray Paint Cans


I moved to Miami in 1993 as a teenager. This was around the time graffiti started to become a problem in the city. Being artistic, I naturally became curious about the people and the culture, though nothing ever came of it. Now in my 40's and still a resident of Miami, I wanted to create a documentary on the increasingly popular street art scene of Miami. In my search, I found an artist by the name of “Drip” who agreed to meet with me. I didn’t know much about street art at the time, and I didn’t yet understand the difference between street and graffiti artists. Drip taught me the stark difference between the two.

Getting to know Drip and members of his graffiti crew informed my decision to focus on the talented individuals who choose to illegally spray paint their tags and pieces on privately owned property. While researching, I realized the need to have a graffiti documentary that went deeper than following a graffiti artist around during their night’s work. I wanted a fresh perspective on Miami’s graffiti scene, without dark room interviews and disguised voices. And here we are.

Why the Spray is a collection of stories about the identities and expressions of five Miami graffiti artists. To understand "why" they “spray,” I infuse cinematography, archival footage, photography, and artistry to provide unique insight into the psychology of graffiti artists.